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[MoreMore Insights] Why Do I Need Mortgage Broker? Get Familiar With Our Jobs In 2 Minutes

Updated: May 7, 2021

What's the job of mortgage broker

  • A mortgage broker provides financial services, selling loan products of banks or other lenders.

  • Acting as the go-between a client and a lender, a good mortgage broker works with the client to:

  1. Understand your needs and goals financially

  2. Figure out what you can afford to borrow

  3. Compare and contrast loans from a number of different lenders

  4. Find the best option with some alternatives to suit your situation

  5. Manage the mortgage application process through to settlement

  • Legally, brokers must to be licensed with registered memberships and representatives, in order to provide clients credit services. You can check it online, to make sure your broker operating legally.

5 advantages of mortgage broker

  • In most cases, mortgage brokers offer clients with complimentary services. Brokers normally get paid from banks or other lenders for selling their products. (*In some certain situations, your broker will charge you a commission – a fee paid to an adviser or salesperson).

  • Being benefit from their knowledge and experiences, brokers help clients to understand those financial terminologies (for example, interest rate, fix rate or variable rate), lending policies, as well as how a specific loan option works and costs.

  • The entire application process is complicated, stressful and time-consuming, and brokers can make it easy. They manage the process in a well-organised way, and they negotiate on client’s behalf with lenders, which can save client’s time and energy.

  • Compare to banks or other lenders, mortgage brokers are client-centric. They are capable of assessing clients’ financial situation, and based on that, provide with recommendations which best suits the client’s needs.

  • Mortgage brokers help clients to get a better deal. They can negotiate lower interest rate and higher loan LVR for clients.

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