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[MoreMore Insights] Mortgage Under Company Name or Individual Name

Deciding whether to purchase a property in your company's name or as an individual usually requires consideration of several factors, including your financial goals, tax considerations, risk management, and more.

Purchase in the name of a company:

1.Tax considerations: Corporations may be entitled to different tax benefits or credits. The cost of the purchase and related expenses may be deductible from the company's profits, thus reducing the company's tax burden.

2.Limitations of liability: Buying in the name of a company may provide additional limitations of liability and help protect personal assets from business or investment risks.

3.Capital gains tax (CGT): In some cases, purchasing in the name of a company may have CGT implications. You may need to consult a professional tax advisor to understand the specific CGT requirements.

4.Business use: If the property is being purchased for business purposes, such as providing office space, it may be more appropriate to purchase it in the name of the company.

Purchase in your personal name:

1.Personal assets: Buying in your personal name can better protect your personal assets, which may not be affected if the company goes bankrupt or faces legal problems.

2.Loan restrictions: Sometimes purchasing a home in the name of a company can result in higher interest rates and tighter loan restrictions. It may be easier to get a loan when buying a home in your personal name.

3.Financial planning: If your financial goals are primarily on a personal level rather than a corporate level, purchasing a home in your personal name may be more in line with your overall financial plan.

Before making a decision, it is recommended that you consult a professional accountant and legal advisor to ensure that you understand all the tax and legal implications involved. They can help you develop the most appropriate home buying strategy for your particular situation.

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